well hello there

welcome to mediashots!

an east sussex based
boutique video agency.

the short story
our aim is to produce the best videos and give the best value to all our clients. we designed our services to be risk free and pay for themselves, so that our clients know that we put our work where our mouths are!

the long’ish story
led by paul woolhouse, we are a results focused agency specialising in creating beautiful, innovative and engaging videos for education, advertising, promotions and presentations across multiple video platforms. paul has worked with clients big and small including prime location, yahoo, fish4 and tiscali and has always tried his best. lol. not really! paul is a well seasoned and successful veteran of the industry!

yes, we believe in having a good time while doing what we love,
and really love what we do

we constantly look to add more value to our video services and we really try to be different. we doubt there are many agencies that put their prices on their websites, offer a money back guarantee and add additional services purely to make all clients succeed. but that’s what we do! so did you hear about that new restaurant on the moon? great food, no atmosphere ????

our full service agency manages everything, from idea to concept to development and realisation. we brainstorm ideas to create videos to meet our clients target audiences, regardless resources or even footage! all our projects incorporate functional calls to action to help to make our clients messages irresistible. our main goal is to illustrate our clients values, goals and individuality.

but thats not all. our clients get our targeting juice – no we don’t just make you a video and move on. we can advise and build multiple ways to fully utilise your video to boost your business, by engaging your customers to help grow and build revenue. from creating multi step video tutorials with memberships, to video ads with interactive pre-qualification or sales funnels through to multi step booking/enquiry forms. yep, we are geeks too!

alright, let’s do this, we WILL make you a fantastic video – whether you have footage or not!

our prices are fixed, what you see is ALL you pay!

10 years